Mechanical Precision Planter, PPK 500


Precision planter and fertilizer applicator for all kinds of seeds.


Mechanical Precision Planter, PPK drills are specially made for accurate direct drilling and fertiliser distribution. They are compact and robust with a one-piece frame, easily adjustable transmission system. There are different configuration options for the seeding units and the fertilisation units, so soil preparation and seed covering can be tailored for every kind of seed. Seed distribution by perforated discs, fertiliser distribution by an auger.

The PPK 500 Mechanical Precision Planter is a universal product destined to no-till areas, semi-direct or conventional systems. The PPK range of planters meet the needs of the majority of small farmers in the world, with easy access to seed and fertilizer hoppers and its transmission adapted to different calibrations and different cultures. Quick and safe adjustments.

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Technical Specifications
Number of rows 5
Minimum Spacing 45
Weight (kg) 1453
Fertilizer Capacity (kg) 682
Fertilizer Capacity (l) 620
Seed Capacity (kg) 200
Seed Capacity (l) 250
Number of wheels 2
Tires 6.5 x 10/10 layer – 115 lbs (maximum pressure)
Seed distribution Seed cell discs
Operating Speed (km/h) 4 to 8
Fertilizer distribution Fertisystem
Hydraulic equipment required 1 x DE (1 Double effect socket) with a flow rate from 45 to 65 l/min
Power required (hp) – discs 53
Power required (hp) – knives 63
Planter wide wheel limiter Available option
Hydraulic row marker Available option


Additional information

Weight 1453 kg


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