New to MyFarm Coummunity – How and Where to Start

New to MyFarm Community and don’t know where to start? Don’t worry. we will take you through all you need to do to get the best out of the site. If you need help along the way, options for assistance are listed in this article.

Welcome to Agrihome, the home of the expert farmers!


Agrihome Expressions has the ambition to produce healthy food employing sustainable technologies, provide fertile grounds to grow our community of farmers to share information and provide solutions to member farmers. If other farmers besides Agrihome are adopting sustainable technologies to produce healthy food, ultimately we will have a better environment and better health available to all.

So Agrihome Expressions sets up and its subdomains to;
— project Agrihome Expressions and its farms, partnership farm projects, external farms and other projects.
— be a major platform for MyFarm Community of farmers (MyFarm)
— to share all the information in Agriculture (Blog),
— offer support (support forum) and help farmers find solutions to grow their ventures in agriculture in a sustainable way.
— make available to many, healthy food produce from our farm.

Structure and Sections of the site

The site, for the purpose of the objectives set, is sectioned into

  1. Agrihome Main
  2. Support and Community pages
  3. Market pages (Soon to come)

All pages are accessible from the main menu

Agrihome Main

Support/Community pages

Market pages (Soon to come)


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First thing to do

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Help the course of agriculture

Now that you are a member, consider contributing to the Support Forum, Blogs and other volunteer efforts that keep our community growing. is for development through agriculture in a healthy and sustainable way. We very much appreciate the support of volunteers and your help is needed.