First steps with MyFarm account

Very important

Our community member farmers are very special to us and so we have reserved special privileges of the site to them. The “MyFarm” account is specially set up to enhance our communication and interaction among member farmers. Some of the very important content can only be seen by these registered members.


Get your “MyFarm” account in 3 simple steps


1. Go to the Login/Register page and Click on the registration link.

2. Fill out required field on the registration form and submit with register button.

3. Check your mail for confirmation link. Click on link to reset your password.



The good news is, it is your FREE lifetime account.



Start topics threads : You can start posting topics in forum

Access to reports and other restricted posts and pages

Access to comment forms

MyFarm account: When logged in, you have access to all profile pages and observe your activities on our site. From there you can edit your details and change your profile picture. A summary of your activities on the site could be accessed.

We are glad to have you around