Livestock Production Prevent Your Chickens from Getting Bird Flu

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    1. Wash your hands often
    Before and after contact with birds, wash your hands with soap. Clean all clothes and tools used with soap.

    2. Create a footbath outside their coop
    Use the footbath when entering and exiting the chicken’s coop.

    3. Keep designated chicken boots
    Reserve a particular pair of boots for the chicken coop. Do not use it for other purposes. You may do so for clothing and equipment too.

    4. Never allow wild birds to get close
    Wild birds can infect your chickens. So keep them away from your chickens.

    5. Isolate new chickens
    Keep new birds away for about 30days to be sure they are not sick before exposing them to the other chickens.

    6. Store chicken feed safely
    Do not expose your chicken feed to other birds, animals or insects. Make sure your supplier also keeps the feed clean and safe.

    7. Report any signs of illness
    Immediately report signs of illness or death to the nearest veterinary office or Agriculture department.

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