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    Tika Elvis
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    Hi guys,

    I have keen interest in agriculture and I see it as our roots of survival which many of us tend to forget with the age of technology. I have been looking forward to venturing in the field one-way or the other and have found poultry production especially with layers most interesting.

    I would like your help with this project I wish to embark on. I have attached a simple floor plan of the structure I intend to use and would like your help with the sizing of each section. Due to financial constraints, I plan to grow 1000 birds a year but will do so in 2 batches of 500.

    So in the plan (in the attached image), there’s a brooding section, grower section then the laying section which is eventually going to house all 1000 birds until the 52nd week. I improvised some use of spaces (stores in plan) to fulfill the spacing requirements between the sections. I have read your blog on poultry production and have learnt a lot from it but I get very confuse with the use of the bird space requirement to calculate the floor area.

    Kindly assist with the floor sizing estimates considering the above and of course your experience.

    Thank you,


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    K. Afrane Okese
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    Trying to make flooring size simple;

    6meters square can contain 100 chicks

    11meters square can contain 100 layers.


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    Tika Elvis
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    Thanks @K. Afrane. I’ll work with these figures and update on how it turns out.

    However, I guess I’ll need your help on costing the initial project, from equipment to feed and medication.

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