Livestock Production Interesting Facts About Laying Hens

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    •  Female chickens are called pullets for their first year or until they begin to lay eggs. For most breeds, around 20 weeks is a typical age for the first egg.
    • Some breeds lay eggs daily, some every other day, some once or twice a week.
    • Some individual hens never lay eggs, due to narrow pelvises or other anomalies.
    • Normal laying routines can be interrupted by molting, temperature extremes, illness, poor nutrition, stress, or lack of fresh water. Hens usually return to normal laying habits when the disruption-causing factor ends or is corrected.
    • Most hens are productive layers for two years before declining in production, but some continue to lay eggs for several years.
    • Hens will lay eggs whether or not they’ve ever seen a rooster. Roosters are necessary only for fertilization of eggs.

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