Crops Production Ginger post harvest and market specifications

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    I am opening this topic in response to a comment by Agarko Barfour on Detailed guide to ginger production.

    The questions were;

    1. What is the fresh ginger moisture content?
    2. What is the ginger powder moisture content?
    3. What is the ginger juice bottle?
    4. What is the ginger flakes (pieces) thickness? It determines the knives configuration
    5. What is the solid content in the ginger paste? How many grams per small bag?


    1. The moisture content of ginger is about 13.8%

    2. The ginger powder is produced from dried ginger. There are a number of techniques for drying ginger and the technique affects the moisture content.

    Moisture content in solar dried ginger is 3.55% whiles in Shade dried ginger is 3.78%.

    3. Please refer to the image attached. I think there a lot of other designs.

    4. I am not sure what the standard thickness of a ginger flake. This may depend on what you the final product to be. If you want to prepare it for drying then a uniform thickness of 1/8 inch will do.

    5. Will update you with information on dry matter.


    Thank you.


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